A Warmup Routine for Runners

This live event on Warmup Routine for Runners took place on June 3, 2020

This live event video opens by telling about the recent anniversary of a pretty amazing athletic feat: May 25th marked the 85th anniversary of track & field legend, Jesse Owens, setting 3 world records and tying a 4th at a single track meet - and he did it all in 45 minutes! He tied the world record in 100 yard dash and set records for the long jump, 220 yard dash, 220 yard hurdles.

I’m sure Jesse Owens had a warm-up routine on his big day. The routine demonstrates 6 different active stretches that take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete. For equipment needed, some common household items are used to show that you don’t need to buy expensive equipment for this routine: an old wine bottle and two cans of tomatoes.

While there are many ways for runners to warmup, just to let you know that I’m a morning runner and I do this routine the first thing in the morning to “wake up the hips” prior to my run. After completing this routine, it’s quite normal for about 20 minutes to go by before actually heading out the door to run. So runners don't have to head out on their run immediately to benefit from this routine. This routine uses the principles of Active Isolated Stretching, which attempts to hold stretches for less than 3 seconds to avoid activating the stretch reflex. So during the demonstration, you may see and hear me counting (1-1 backoff, 1-2 backoff, 1-3 backoff and so on).

Warmup Routine for Runners
1) Roll Achilles tendon and calf (R&L 30 sec each)
2) Leg Circles (R&L clockwise and counterclockwise X 10 each) (Getting blood flow to hips!)
3) Knee Hug (R&L X 5 each) - bottom leg over centre axis
4) Cross Leg: Out and In (R&L X 5 each) - Apply gentle pressure!
5) Leg Swing: Side and Front (R&L X 10 each)
6) Shoulder Moves: Running Arms, Side Out and Arms Back (R&L X 5 each)

Link to Warmup Routine video is HERE

Thanks for viewing! For those interested in more information on the stretch reflex, you can find it HERE. And for those out there wanting to do more...try adding this LUNGE MATRIX after completing this warmup routine which takes about five minutes to do.