Two-Dumbbell Workout

The Farmer's Carry on Display at the Strongest Man/Woman Competition in Kamloops, British Columbia

On strength training days (which is currently three days per week) one of the workouts I do and want to share is this Two-Dumbbell Workout. I like this full-body workout because it’s simple and doesn’t require much space or equipment. Yet, adjustments can be made to keep it challenging. I learned of this workout from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s FITNESS NEWSLETTER which I recommend because it has information on workouts, nutrition, sleep and so forth, check it out.

How To Do It
Step 1: Set a timer for 15 minutes. (For more of a challenge, set the timer for a little longer, like 20 minutes and so on. Or if you're just starting out, set the timer for 10 minutes to do one round of each exercise listed below.)

Step 2: Perform 10 reps of each exercise listed below, shifting from one exercise to the next with as little rest as possible. Once you complete all 7 exercises, that’s one round.

Step 3: After you complete the first round, catch your breath and complete the sequence again. Do as many rounds as possible, and once the timer goes off, the workout is done. If you set the timer for 15 minutes, the challenge becomes can you finish two rounds (14 exercises) in this time.

The Workout
Perform 10 reps of each of the following exercises:
Exercise 1: DUMBBELL ROW
Exercise 5: DUMBBELL OVERHEAD FARMER’S WALK (slightly different from the picture above, walk with dumbbells over your head, 10 steps each leg)
Exercise 7: PUSHUPS (doing pushups from a knee position mentioned in this video too)

How Much Weight to Use
The overhead press will likely be your “weakest” lift, so use a pair of dumbbells that you can do 10 reps and feel somewhat of a challenge on this movement. It may feel easy on the other exercises, but you will likely be challenged by moving through the workout quickly while maintaining good form. Additionally, keep dumbbells in your hands while moving through the workout (Exercises 1-6). Doing this will help build your GRIP STRENGTH which, like the ONE-LEGGED STANCE, is an important health indicator.

No Dumbbells?
If you don’t have dumbbells, load some books in a backpack and do the same movements while lifting the backpack. Row the bag, press it overhead, hold the straps, and wear it while doing lunges and squats.
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