About Me

Hi, my name is Jordan and I'm a self-coached athlete. Running is my sport and I continue to enjoy it now more than ever! Nevertheless, I’ve had to make changes along the way to stay and enjoy my sport, so this has led me to look in depth at topics like sports nutrition, strength training, goal setting, and different types of running.

I’m also retired from my job as a school psychologist and am interested in writing about staying fit while travelling too.
That's what this blog is all about, my pursuit of all these topics above. All topics discussed have been either tried by me or something I'm thinking about. Hence, the name Experiment of One Coaching: I'm my own personal lab rat and you're invited along for the ride for ideas and resources.

With Experiment of One Coaching, I try to keep the number and content of posts at a minimal yet essential level. However, this does not mean I have nothing further to add to a given topic! If you have a question or topic idea to be covered, give me a try at info@experiment1coaching.com . One never knows, I may have more to add or resources to share when I answer your question.