A Hip Mobility Routine for Runners

A Live Event of a Hip Mobility Routine for Runners

The link to this live event video is HERE.


The live event video started 15 minutes after completing my secondary long run of the week. To help recover, I drank some chocolate milk during the event. As mentioned in my post on Sports Nutrition Basics, chocolate milk has that 4 to 1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein that sports scientists have identified as optimizing recovery. 

This Hip Mobility Routine for Runners uses 8 different movements that take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete. There is no special equipment needed for this routine, although if you want to do this routine on grass, you may want to use an old towel. 

In a previous video, a Warmup Routine for Runners was demonstrated. This Hip Mobility Routine is a bit different in a couple of ways: One, the Warmup Routine uses Active Isolated Stretching technique. Whereas, the Hip Mobility Routine uses dynamic movements to help the runner cool down and recover from their run. Two, the Warmup Routine is designed to “wake up the hips” and 20 minutes can pass before heading out the door to run. In comparison, it’s best to do this Hip Mobility Routine as soon as possible after the run, so you don’t stiffen up and can begin your recovery from your run.

Hip Mobility Routine
1) Good Mornings (X 10) - use the waist as a hinge for upper & lower body
2) Lunges (X 10) - work on your ‘heel flick’ and knee lift for running biomechanics
3) Leg Circles (R&L clockwise and counterclockwise X 5 each) - get blood flow to hips
4) Donkey Kicks (R&L X 10 each) - keep leg bent when kicking back
5) Fire Hydrants (R&L X 10 each) - dogs love fire hydrants, you will too
6) Bird Dogs (X 10) - point opposing arm and leg like bird dog
7) Iron Cross (X 10) - keep shoulder blades on floor
8) Windshield Wipers (X 10) - keep derriere on floor 

Now your running muscles are ready for the recovery process. Make sure to drink lots of water throughout the day to help carry away waste products from these muscles.

Thanks for viewing! Any questions drop me a line.