Re-Read Book Series: The Complete Book of Running

This classic remains in my library of running books

“Typically, a person begins running in search of fitness - to lose weight and to look and feel better (although an occasional person takes up running in order to find an outlet for unused energies). After several months or years, he or she gradually begins to spend far more time running than the requirements of fitness alone would dictate. Finally, he or she realizes that something in running has a unique salutary effect on the human mind. This aspect of running is what makes this book such an incongruous combination of elements. Who ever heard of a book that dealt with both transcendence and jockstraps? Yet running cannot be adequately or accurately described without giving equal attention to the physical and the psychological.”
James Fixx, author of The Complete Book of Running

As I mentioned previously, I did indeed sign up for the Vancouver International Marathon taking place on May 5th. I'm writing this post on the first week in January; which coincides with the first week of training for my race and 17 more weeks to go.

I'll be using quotes from my library of running books to help guide my training. The first quote is from The Complete Book of Running by James Fixx; which I bought as a 20 year old at a bookshop in Coquitlam Centre Mall. At this time, I didn't consider myself a runner, yet I'd heard about running as a sport(?) / lifestyle(?) and wanted to know more. One of the ideas I take from this quote is that, when training for a marathon, you're doing it for more than the "requirements of fitness alone would dictate" - psychological factors must also be considered. Therefore, my marathon training program will attempt to give equal attention to the physical and psychological.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Stay tuned for more...



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