Personal Best: Getting At The ‘Why’ Of Running

“Why do people run? And why do additional millions pursue other forms of exercise? My answer is direct: Their lives depend on it. People begin running for any number of motives, but we stick to it for one basic reason - to find out who we really are. Running or some other form of exercise is essential in the drive to become and perpetuate the ultimate self, because finding out who we are means finding out our what our limits are and we have to test ourselves to do that.”
George Sheehan, M.D. and author of Personal Best

As I mentioned in earlier post, a few minutes before my last marathon, someone asked me why I’m running in this race. Considering the question - why we run - Sheehan’s words really help clarify the why of training and racing. We run to test ourselves, so we can better find out who we really are and our limits, no matter the distance covered. Therefore, my training program will need to have tests along the way, so I can better see my limits...

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