Tracking My 2020 Running Year

With 2020 here, no doubt you've planned your race schedule and training program. Me, I haven't finalized my race schedule yet, but I've got this framework for training below:

2020 Running
Month: ______________________

Week         LR 1     LR 2          Speed: Location / Distance / Time          Race Pace / Race

Two Long Runs: In addition to my primary long run, this year I'm going to add a secondary long run during the week (to further develop mitochondria :). I'm going to try for 90 minutes on this secondary long run.

Speed Development Workout: This year I'm going to try to awaken my "inner sprinter" and fast twitch muscle fibers with a speed development workout each week. Speed development is very different from regular distance runs. Can you imagine sprint short distances of no more than 50 metres at near maximum effort, then WALK FOR THREE MINUTES (to recharge the Adenosine Triphosphate ATP system)! Similar to the "record-rank-publish" system mentioned in the PREVIOUS POST,  I'm going to track location, distance, and best sprint time of this workout. For more, I'll link to a great article on speed development for distance runners which you can access HERE.

Race or Race Pace Run: Each week I'm going to either race or spend some time at my 5K / 10K race pace.

Each week, I'm going to check and see how I did with these different runs and workouts. I'm going to be away from my home base a fair amount this year. A weekly check-in will help be as consistent as possible.

Thanks for reading! Anything about your training program you want to share? Adding a new race to your schedule? Let me know.



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