Summer Care Package for Endurance Athletes

Spending time on forest trails with lots of shade helps endurance athletes stay cool during summer.

It’s getting to be the warmest time of the year where I live. Using the strategies listed below will help keep endurance sports enjoyable this summer.

Less Structure
Summer can be a time of less structure for endurance athletes and their families. At this time of the year, there’s more hanging out in the warmer weather and bedtime tends to be a little later than usual. Fartlek training is a great fit for matching a less structured lifestyle. Meb Keflezghi, winner of both the Boston and New York City marathons, encourages fartlek running as a way of improving running speed. As pictured above, fartlek runs on forest trails with lots of shade helps endurance athletes stay cool during summer. For more, check out: 

Summer vacation is another way of leaving behind the routines of daily life. Yet, endurance athletes may be looking for ways to maintain their fitness in preparation for a key upcoming race, like a fall marathon. Or, if endurance training is not part of vacation plans, athletes may be looking at how best to return to training after vacation. For more, check out: 

Fortunately, an abundance of colorful, potassium-rich vegetables is available in summer, which boosts your sports nutrition. To help get started, check out Kenna’s Roasted Chickpea Salad recipe in: 

Hydration and Cramping
Summer is a time when muscle cramping can rear its ugly head. As someone who easily cramps up in the hot weather, I’ve found regular intake of electrolyte drinks and lower leg stretching and strengthening helps to reduce cramping. Check out this electrolyte drink recipe from the sports nutrition division of the United States Olympic Committee and lower leg strengthening exercise in: 

Southern Hemisphere
For my readers in the southern hemisphere I haven’t forgotten about you! Even though it’s the coolest time of the year for you, hydration and the thermogenic effect of food can help boost your sports nutrition and recovery. Also you may be in the off-season of your favorite endurance sport - with perhaps an emphasis on strength training. To help with these conditions, check out: 

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