Fitness & Running Resolutions 2023

It’s the perfect time to take stock of the previous year and where your running and fitness is headed for the current year. For me, I’ve decided to make some slight changes to where I’m headed with my running and fitness in 2023:
The Turkish Getup is a full-body movement which makes a great movement snack. To ‘getdown’ just reverse the movement back to the starting position. Then switch weight to left hand to getup and getdown.

Move More, Exercise Less
When I’m asked, “What is the best position or movement?” I respond by saying, “Your next one.” If you have remained in any single position for more than 20 minutes, change it up. As you do, expand the ways you reposition your tissues and load your joints. Each time you stress and move new areas, local blood circulation increases.
--Mark Cucuzzella, M.D. and author of ‘Run For Your Life’

In my last post the use of concurrent training strategy came highly recommended (Check out: Running & Fitness Goals 2022: What Worked?). Yet, at the start of last year, I didn’t totally trust concurrent training. Instead, I was still doing my regular strength and stretching routines, in addition to concurrent training. For 2023, I'm going to try moving more and exercising less.

What this means is that running alone isn’t enough to get me to the state of excellent health and fitness. In addition to concurrent training, I’ll make it a priority to do a variety of movements during each day – walking, lifting and lowering objects from/to the ground, squatting, crawling, climbing stairs – trying to do all these important movements throughout the day.

I’m going to approach it by taking movement breaks during times when I’ve been doing a lot of sitting (trying to ‘habit stack’). These breaks will only last two or three minutes. I’m starting with a list of movements (like the Turkish Getup shown above) and will work my way down the list throughout the day.

Build Fitness Through Hill Running
Hill running offers a number of benefits that can help improve overall fitness and performance - leg strength, cardio endurance, running form, and mental toughness. Yet, I’ve got to admit that over the years I’ve drifted away from doing a planned hill running training program. For the entire year, I’m committing to a weekly hill run. Each week, I’m going to run either short hill sprints or longer hill repeats on an alternating basis.

Short hill sprints require a high level of effort and can help explosive power by requiring more force to push off the ground and neuromuscular training. I’m going to target steep hills at ‘all out’ intensity for about 10 seconds each. I’ve posted on hill sprints before (Check out: Hill Sprint Basics)

Longer hill repeats increase demand on the cardiovascular system and require a more upright posture and a focus on driving the knees forward. I’m going to target hill repeats at the upper level of aerobic fitness (slightly uncomfortable) with repeats lasting three minutes.

As I’m doing a hill running workout each week, I’m starting out quite cautious and conservative with the number of hills completed. Past experience has taught me that the effects of hill running don’t get felt or noticed until a couple of days afterward. So I encourage readers to be cautious and conservative as well.

Theme of the Year
I’m trying out a small change to the blog this year. Up until now, the most current post was seen at the top of the blog. This year, a selected theme will be posted at the top. This year’s theme is goal setting basics for fitness and running. The importance of fitness and running goals cannot be overstated. Regular physical activity not only improves physical health, but also has a positive impact on mental health and overall well-being. By setting and working towards specific fitness goals, individuals can stay motivated and make consistent progress towards a healthier lifestyle. That’s why this year I’m going to pin all my goal setting posts to the top of the blog for easier access. Stay tuned:).

Thank you for reading and I wish you success for running and fitness in 2023!
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