Goal Setting Basics for Endurance Sport

The importance of fitness and running goals cannot be overstated. Trying to stay fit and do well at your chosen endurance sport involves setting a variety of goals. Below are some posts on the basics of goal setting for fitness and endurance sport:

Yes, endurance athletes need to set a variety of goals. Most likely they will be similar to these basic yet important goals discussed in this post:

As you move in your sport from newbie to seasoned veteran, there will be different goals (or motivational phases) that take on greater emphasis. For more on motivational phases, check out:

Each January, I try to set a couple of resolutions to work on improving fitness and/or performance for the year. I think over time my resolutions have evolved towards setting more practical goals. Check to see if you agree:

Achieving one’s race goals all the time is not a realistic expectation! I found it helpful to learn how one professional runner goes about setting race goals after not reaching my own marathon goal:

Even elite athletes get into a “funk'' when training for a major competition. Check out how the world's best decathlete got out of his training funk leading up to the world championships in:

Setting goals is part of a mindful practice. I’ve found it helpful to re-read important books (both running and non-running) to see what other authors have to say about running and mindfulness. These books attempt to answer big questions - Why do we run? - and what more is behind certain key training concepts, like date and goal paces:

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